Nov 9, 2011

News Updates

2011 Election Day Follow-Up - First off, there were some kind-a important elections. Did you snooze and lose?

In Arizona: Pearce loses to Lewis in historic recall;
Kentucky: Beshear re-elected in landslide; 
Mississippi: Bryant defeats DuPree, voters reject “personhood amendment”; -- This is a huge step in evolution for Mississippi, as it no longer trails Kansas for the most anti-science dumbass state in the Union.
Ohio: Republican-backed anti-union law overturned
Maine: Voter registration law repealed
New Jersey: Chatham Borough elects country’s first openly gay African-American Republican mayor. Ta Da!
Washington State: Voters kicked out the state liquor business.

Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accusations: I think we're up to 5 now? In press conference, Cain rejected the latest allegations, says he’s willing to undergo lie detector test; I hope they get a sexy lady to administer the test.
Cain campaign attacks accuser Sharon Bialek, claims she has “long and troubled history" Right, blame the accuser? Classic strategy.
Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar, outed by media, gives interview to New York Times.
On Hannity, Cain campaign manager Mark Block “confirms” Kraushaar’s nonexistent family ties to Politico. But she shared a building and gym with Obama strongman strategist David Axelrod.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi promises to resign after Parliament passes economic reforms. So that's more of a 'maybe' -- meanwhile they're going to hit the magic number of 7% borrowing costs on ten year bonds... this is when things start getting real... Meaning, European Socialism dies a horrible shrieking death from cancer.

News of the World surveillance scandal just got even bigger, as evidence shows ex-policeman Derek Webb hired to follow over 100 people including Prince William. Oh, the trouble I seen.

And Syria, when are you going to stop beating your people?

Oh, and ... President Obama’s health care reform law ruled constitutional.
White House chief of staff Bill Daley was demoted. Meanwhile the White House is downplaying his responsibility shift.

Penn State’s head coach Joe Paterno set to step down.

And it's going to snow in Chicago - and there's going to be an ice age in Alaska - or something?

More as it becomes available.

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