Oct 23, 2011

Week in Review and Sunday Comics Oct 23, 2011

Well, I made it to the end of the week. Glad you're here with me. Let's review, shall we?

Quadaffy was shot in the face and thrown into a freezer. Obama took the credit. That's fine as long as he takes the credit for what happens next.

A bunch of exotic animals were released in Ohio when their keeper open their cages and then shot himself. The police went on some kind of mad shooting spree knocking down 56 animals. 18 Bengal tigers, 17 Lions, and six black bears. Six were taken alive. A monkey might have been eaten... Why'd they shoot them? Ohio police don't have dart guns with Tiger tranquilizers, do they? And if the lions, tigers and bears had attacked even one person - a child - everyone would be asking why the cops hadn't just shot these animals. Now, here's a question - why was a suicidal animal keeper allowed to have so many exotic animals?  Apparently Ohio is not a stranger to Exotic Pets.

Israel made the most lopsided prisoner swap in the history of prisoner swaps this week. After 5 years Gliad Shailt was released - in exchange for 477 Palestinians (and another 500 to be named later), some of them were successful terrorists. Imagine the victim's families reaction. Some say that Israel won in the deal -- and Egypt helped broker the deal. Seems to me that Egypt is the real winner.

Dan Wheldon was brutally murdered on the highway - oh, I mean in a 15 car pile up on the highway. No, on a closed track. Going 250 miles an hour. Well, to quote George Carlin - "...it's the only reason I'm tuning in is to see a crash. I mean, when am I going to be able to see a 54 car pile up and not be in the thing?" Sorry. Cold and mean? Probably.

GOP debate, what 19? They really ought to quit yelling at each other if any of them wants to get out of the primaries alive. 9-9-9 or is it 9-0-9? An electrified Mexican fence - unless it's a joke? Come on Mr. Cain. Mitt and Romney ought to get swords. No, lightsabers. I'd tune in for that.

The Zombieland creators are prepping to make a Zombieland TV show. And the Walking Dead season 2 started up again on AMC. It got me thinking - Dracula and Frankenstein had origins and re-boots, but why are zombies so prevalent, especially in the US. Christians, dude. They believe in that sort of thing actually happening.

Occupy A Bunch of streets went global - but because there's no real organization and it's as corruptible as the early Tea Party - yeah, I said it - it gave a bunch of people in Rome an excuse to replay the London Riots. This is not going to end well. Meantime - Read Andy Borowitz's 'Correspondence from the offices of Goldman Sachs' to the Occupiers.

Steve Job's bio comes out soon. Someone must have left it on a bar stool in Silicon Valley, because I already have read the juicy parts.

Well those were the parts worth mentioning since I didn't care to bother getting around to it earlier in the week. Hope to see you 'round next time.

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