Oct 14, 2011

War News Update

U.S. Had 'Direct Contact' With Iran Over Plot, State Department Ssays -- 

Washington (CNN) -- The United States has had "direct contact with Iran" about the alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States as the Obama administration ratchets up its rhetoric against the Islamic republic.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland disclosed the contact at a news briefing Thursday. A senior administration official told CNN it occurred Wednesday and was initiated by the United States.

Nuland said she could not say who spoke to whom or where the meeting was held. She said it was not in Iran.
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Iranians see Ahmadinejad as disconnected from alleged plot. Alleged Iran plot may have violated U.N. treaty.  War drum beating out of almost no where?
Bahrain opposition unites to decry 'police state'.
Twenty killed in Syrian clashes, EU sanctions bank.
Syria-US 'spy' Mohamad Soueid faces court.
No decision yet on US troop levels in Iraq.  My guess is that it depends on how this Iranian situation plays out.

If you think Iraq's secure, read this about Wednesday's violence.
Fourteen killed in Syrian violence: activist group.
Mideast prisoner swap could come next week. Hamas officials criticize prisoner list in Schalit deal. Hamas military commander in Cairo to finalize Shalit deal.


US missile kills Haqqani 'coordinator' in Pakistan.
U.S. not sincere about Afghan peace: Haqqanis.
Obama, S.Korea's Lee to talk trade, N.Korea strategy.
Burma political prisoner releases 'not enough'.
Tibet shocked by increase in monks setting themselves on fire.
Radiation spikes in Tokyo neighborhood, officials say.


Libya's rival military commanders fight war of words.
Libya: confusion surrounds 'capture' of Gaddafi's son.
With Gadhafi on the run, focus turns to Sahara's Tuareg.
Gunmen kidnap two Spanish aid workers from Kenya camp.
Smuggled Libyan weapons flood into Egypt.


Norway killer says 80 militant cells in Europe: police.
Iceland's Katla volcano is getting restless.
Ukraine’s president suggests legal reform could allow release of Tymoshenko. Ukrainian security service launches new case against Tymoshenko.
Barroso outlines plan to resolve eurozone debt crisis.
Bomb detonates in Northern Ireland as Londonderry 'City of Culture' office is targeted for second time.
Berlusconi seeks confidence vote, expects to win. Berlusconi calls confidence vote to prove he has majority.


US Congress signs new free trade agreements for first time in four years.
Chavez opponent launches Presidential campaign.
Mexico military says senior Zetas crime boss arrested.
U.S> House passes Colombia free trade agreement.
Sharp rise in U.S. foreclosures as banks move in.
Haiti's President meets with 'Baby Doc,' Aristide.


U.S. challenged to explain accusations of Iran plot in the face of skepticism.
Intel chair: "Chain" of Iran plots possible.
Iran's Qods Force commander involved in plot to kill Saudi ambassador.
US issues worldwide travel warning.
Guant√°namo Inc.? Oops.


Hedge fund billionaire gets 11-year sentence in fraud case.
Google earnings blow past expectations; Shares surge.
BlackBerry, this week's Netflix, outage blamed on 'extremely critical' network failure.
AOL CEO pitches investors on Yahoo deal: sources.
John Malone now biggest landowner in the U.S.


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