Oct 28, 2011

Trolling the Occupiers

This note was apparently thrown down from a high glass tower to the Occupiers from a window at the Chicago Board of Trade (click to embiggen)
Personally, I don't think a stockbroker has what it takes to do their own laundry, let alone their own yard work - I'm certainly not worried about them taking my job as a boat janitor. But there are some "Who is John Galt?" and Gordon Gecko's "Greed is good" in that rant. At the very least, it trolls the unwashed fleabaggers who only took a basic economics course... in high school... and passed it by cheating off of the future stockbroker... who cheated by paying off the proctor.

Further study into the origin of the letter, it seems that it's a banal chain e-mail that's over a year old. Apparently, CBT big shots are so smart and work so hard that they had to resort to plagiarism.

My questions are, if they're that busy, who printed it out? And secondly, how'd they get those windows open? I thought they were welded shut to keep them from jumping?

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