Oct 28, 2011

Found on the internets: 
"what other bold and cross wrapped statement can get sweeter than these…the cross heels, steady and ready allowing you to stand taller than ever. don’t just wear your cross around your neck and your fingers…but here is that extra, that something more, that extra sugar dip, if you know what i mean. and how lovely and endearing these can be, even slightly appearing just a little mean…because if you were walking behind someone with cross heels…wouldn’t you be just a little bit afraid? and i say that with adoration clearly, because how seductive are these steel cross heels. cross my heart…and hope to heal…as i strut these misleading and lying streets in my cross saving heels."


Cthulhu said...


Cannot decide which is more ludicrous and depraved--the shoes or that ridiculous commentary.

They look like rejected BLOODRAYNE wardrobe ideas.

Anonymous said...

I need these! someone find where to get them!!!