Oct 5, 2011

Similar Goals

If only the Occupy Wall Street crowd and the Tea Party folks could realize that they have similar goals and grievances, there really would be a revolution in America. Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) could bring it's organizational and goal making skills to the folks who want the country to be more about people than bankers.

Unfortunately, both groups are also caught in the Left-Right Paradigm. One thinks that the Tea Baggers are all racist birthers, and the Teabaggers think the Occupy Wall Street are just a bunch of unwashed hippies looking for handouts. Sure, they're both not wrong, but they need to look past those issues and think about joining forces.

Even less probable, imagine these two groups coming together and compromising -- something that isn't possible on the State or National level. What an amazing spectacle that would be! And then rainbows will sprinkle gold coins on all those below... okay, yeah, I'm getting a little out of bounds from reality here.

But, it's good to imagine... every once in a while.

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