Oct 4, 2011

Christie: Not a Runner

Chris Christie Will Not Seek Presidency Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has decided not to seek the presidency, according to two sources who were told of his decision. Nor will he be planning on exercising any time soon.

Mr. Christie is scheduled to announce his decision at a news conference in the state capital at 1 p.m. But two sources said Tuesday morning that the governor will not pursue the Republican nomination. 

The decision ends a late flurry of indecision on the part of Mr. Christie, who had been encouraged by a growing number of Republican donors and activists who had hoped he would add his name to the field of candidates vying to challenge President Obama... because they're already grown bored with their choices of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

It's sad, really, because he would have reflected the country so well at the G8 and the UN. Comedians everywhere I'm sure share in the disappointment.

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