Sep 5, 2011

Truth About Labour and Gaddafi Comes Out

Big scandal erupts for British Labour Party; they were a bit too cozy with Gaddafi.

  • A Devastating stash of documents left in British Ambassador's residence has been released
  • Britain gave Libyan secret police questions to interrogate dissidents
  • They even informed Gaddafi how Cobra works and MI6 budget  
The startling extent to which Labour misled the world over the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber is exposed today in top-secret documents obtained by the newspaper The Mail.

In public, senior Ministers from the last Labour Government and the Scottish First Minister have repeatedly insisted that terminally ill Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds in a decision taken by Scottish Ministers alone.

But the confidential papers show that Westminster buckled under pressure from Colonel Gaddafi, who threatened to ignite a 'holy war' if Megrahi died in his Scottish cell.

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Thing is, everyone knew that their reasoning for a 'compassionate' release was camel excrement. The papers only confirm it. The bigger scandal is that the British Ambassador left cables and paper around untorched. That is just incompetence.

Wait, Cobra?

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