Sep 23, 2011

Senate Tees Up Shutdown

Now, try not to act surprised or upset - the Senate just blocked the House Spending Bill - which is going to shutdown the government. Crisis. Alarm. All that stuff we did three or four weeks ago.

So the Senate voted to reject the House’s stopgap spending bill, less than twelve hours after the House’s Republican leaders had forced it through on their second try.

The Senate vote was 59 to 36 to table the House bill, effectively killing it. Some conservative Republicans joined in rejecting the measure.

The House, in the wee hours of Friday morning, had passed its latest version of a stopgap spending bill after rejecting on Wednesday a nearly identical version of the legislation, which is needed to keep the government open after Sept. 30 and to provide assistance to victims of natural disasters. The House vote was 219 to 203.

Now - again, this is EXACTLY what the Republicans were elected to do. To shutdown the government. Yeah, it's pissing people off -- but not the people who pulled the lever to put the Republicans in there. The voters who want gridlock and shutdown see it as safer and better than the recluse Harry and Nancy days where they were rushing to get the signing pens without looking at whatever the hell they were jamming though. 

And all of this goes back to Harry and Nancy too -- they tabled their budget in order to put it around the new Republican's throats. All of this goes to that last couple weeks in 2010. Not a lot of people care to remember that.

I tend to think that a frozen government is hilarious.

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