Sep 26, 2011

Czarist Russia

Russian President Dmitry A. Medvedev said, as a total shock to everyone, that he will step aside after one term as president, and called on the ruling United Russia party to endorse Vladimir V. Putin for the post.

Like a Democrat in Chicago, it's almost certain that Putin will return to the presidency.

Medvedev said he intends to continue to work in the government, with a focus on modernization and anti-corruption efforts. Medvedev, who became president in 2008 when Putin had to leave the office because of term limits, always has been seen as Putin’s protégé, or Smither's to Putin's Mr. Burns.

Putin became prime minister, and has continued to hold the reins of power here.

Reminder, that Russia's only real exports are arms and energy, and still has massive infrastructure, corruption and transportation issues that could still completely ruin the nation.

Of course, the Russians could always vote for someone else... yeah, just like in Chicago. The Czar hasn't returned, he never left.

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