Aug 11, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Fizzles

The Wisconsin Republicans held control of the Wisconsin Senate, keeping four of six seats against Democratic challengers in the recall election.

If I were a Wisconsin Union worker, which I am not, I would be asking why 30 million dollars of the pension was spent in this Recall effort? Did it save or create jobs? Did it make Wisconsin, and the United States a more pro-Union, pro-worker place?

Richard McEnroe, of Three Beers Later, said this:
Seriously, the entire labor movement of the United Freaking States focused its wrath upon one state and six Republican state senators… and the people of Wisconsin looked at all the money being spent, looked at all the screaming marchers, looked at what their state government had been hiring, looked at the goons harassing vote canvassers, and said, “Yyyyyeah… no.”

Richard might be on to something right there. Maybe holding the Capital hostage, and the Democrats running to Illinois to hide out for a couple weeks wasn't the best thing going for them? Not exactly a good PR move? 30 Million pretty well wasted.

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