Aug 28, 2011

The Week in Review

So, Libya, what's up? Arab Spring was like - you know, in the Spring... Well, after 42 years it looks like Moammar Quadaffy is out and hiding in his spider hole with his porn stash of Condi Rice, but without his hat. Now the fun part, gluing it all back together. Good luck.

Speaking of tyrants...

And with all the talk about Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO to sit in the Director's Chair - you would have thought he died. And Apple with it. Now the real question is, will Apple continue to innovate and push design and experience and premium prices as their driver or will they just coast on what's in the pipeline for a few years and mimmic Microsoft's decline without their strongman Bill Gates? I think it can be summed up with the first thing the new guy Tim Cook said, "Nothing is going to change at Apple." See, I read that as there's no more gas in the tank.

Pastor Rick Perry is in the lead of Pre-season GOP nominees. And that's news to some people. This week he got some flack for a book he wrote last year, Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America From Washington - which says Social Security and child labor laws are unconstitutional. The campaign is trying to distance itself from the book -- which is just nine months from the printing press. "it's a look back, not forward..." it's "not in any way a 2012 blueprint or manifesto!"
Oh, and someone found out that he was a Democrat in the 80's. Which means he eats waffles.

God forgot to check his calendar - he threw an earthquake and a hurricane at Washington DC this week -- but Congress isn't in session. Damn it, God!

And also in DC this week, the hurricane stopped the dedication of the The MLK monument. That monument got a lot of press this week - It's Chinese granite made by a Chinese artist lei Yixin, built by Chinese workers - and it's WHITE granite of a black man. And it cost $120 million bucks. And I might add, isn't very friendly. Looks kind of like a gigantic 29 foot Han Solo trapped in carbonite.

Remember how Dominque Straus-Kahn was raked over the coals for supposedly raping the cleaning woman? Yeah, turns out it was consensual. Charges were dropped. Oops. But, let me be the only one to remind anyone -- he DID have sexual relations with the woman. I sense a George Costanza, "Was that wrong?" moment.

And "Socialist" Warren Buffet bought a pile of BoA for 5 billion.

Let's see if we can't try to meet up here again next week, gang.

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