Aug 1, 2011

Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich

Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, who described today’s debt compromise as a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich,” by which I assume he meant he planned to vote against it.

The Democrats just had their asses handed to them, and they're still bitching that there aren't any tax increases.

The Republicans took a stand - probably at the wrong time, and framed the debate incorrectly, and put the country in a self-imposed crisis that they created. They got the sausage made, but let the nation look into the process. The intestine casing isn't going to win them any friends. Especially when they took it out of the living calf. That was brutal.

Is it a perfect compromise - because everyone's pissed? No, it's not leadership. They STILL haven't solved any problems -- they're letting some "Super Committee" come up with some cuts before November. Oh, that's a good idea. They have to come up with "up or down" votable super proposal - or some kind of secret guillotine comes down on the budget. How'd that work out this week? You think that kind of threat is going to work around Thanksgiving?

Remember, they're only talking about 3 Trillion total in 10 years. That's the same number crunching and accounting tricks that says that Bill Clinton had a surplus. And you get the Bush Tax Cuts -- because Clinton was OVERTAXING the citizens to get a damn surplus. Five wars later, a shrinking tax base, rising fuel costs and underwater mortgages, and suddenly - the U.S. is broke. Just like most of the cities, and States in the Union. Especially those that tend to vote Blue.

And what are the Democrats getting out of the deal? I haven't seen any reason for any of them to back this new compromise... which makes me wonder what the hell their problem was back in April when this process started? If you're going to fold, fold early. Maybe none of the Democrats have ever played poker? Obama said "Don't call my bluff" and the Congressional Dems proved they didn't have a hand in the first place ... And remember, this was all a hangover from Reid and Pelosi refusing to pass a budget for this year in the first place! They were kicking the can in November and didn't even pass it in the lame duck session.

No cash + no leadership = no more Pax Americana.

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