Aug 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

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"The two sides are not only polarized these days, but there are so many media outlets now that there's always one guaranteed to tell you only what you want to hear, regardless of your viewpoint. The political media has become like porn: whatever your particular fetish, there's something to satisfy you. The problem with this is that people meet to discuss politics and each person comes equipped not only with his or her opinion but his or her supposed "facts" -- and that means no one budges on anything. There is no common ground anymore."
From the comment section of the anti-tea party comment from his original post. Yeah, that's probably a feedback loop.

I would retort, "it's the stupid spending." But that's only adding to the false partisan divide that keeps us distracted while 5 shooting wars are being engaged. Each Tomahawk missile aimed at Quadaffy is another couple schools or 60 teacher's salaries... and since three of those wars are kind of illegal, but yet, are still being funded by our broke ass Congress -- I think we CAN come to some common ground, Chez. They're all crooks!

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