Aug 4, 2011

Mitt Has Mysterious Donors

Earlier this year, a "mystery company" appeared just long enough to donate $1 million remarkably untracable dollars to the Mitt Romney campaign. Almost as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, leaving hardly a clue that it ever existed in the first place.
The company, W Spann LLC, was formed in March by a Boston lawyer who specializes in estate tax planning for “high net worth individuals,” according to corporate records and the lawyer’s bio on her firm’s website.

The corporate records provide no information about the owner of the firm, its address or its type of business.

Six weeks later, W Spann LLC made its million-dollar donation to Restore Our Future — a new so-called “super PAC” started by a group of former Romney political aides to boost the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential bid. It listed its address as being in a midtown Manhattan office building that has no record of such a tenant. (LINK)
Before you say a ghost or Jesus - I'm just going to say that the LDS Church had a lot of practice with Prop 8 in California and then I'm going to run behind the tree to see if you get what I'm saying?

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