Jul 21, 2011

The World Keeps on Turning

And now it's time to look at all those things that you're not looking at because you're all caught up with the theater of debt ceilings -- again, thanks big to War News Update, for the low-down cut'n'paste.


Loyalist troops besiege Damascus suburb after protests. Syrian activists report intense gunfire in Homs.

Jordan police probe blames protesters for violence.

Iraq Shi'ite militia splinters into hit squads, gangs.

As U.S. steps back, Europe takes bigger role in Mideast peace push.


China says Xinjiang attack killed 18; Uighurs dispute account.

South China Sea dispute continues to dominate ASEAN forum.

Documents outline alleged funneling of Pakistani funds to U.S. candidates.

Japan plans additional $165 billion for reconstruction.


Deadly clashes continue in Libyan city of Brega. The headless corpse, the mass grave and worrying questions about Libya's rebel army.

UN declares famine in parts of Somalia. Kenya wants aid airdropped inside Somalia to halt flow of thousands of famine refugees.

Egypt rulers outline plan for elections.

Malawi president calls for clam amid continued riots.

Morocco's democratic changes fail to appease all.

Kenya's latest crisis: The refugee camp around the refugee camp.


Greek rescue plan may allow for default on some debt. Euro zone proposes fund overhaul. Merkel and Sarkozy thrash out last-minute compromise over Greece. Eurozone set for Greek deal, temporary default.

Serbia's arrest of last war-crimes fugitive brings Europe into view.

Police detain dozens of protesters in Belarus.

Italian government refuses to account for missing arms cache.


U.S. consumers relying on credit for basic necessities.

Atlantis has landed, ending NASA's shuttle era.

House moves to restrict U.S. foreign aid.

U.S.-Cuba ties in balance over jailed American's appeal.


France's counter-terrorism ace finds himself under scrutiny.

Latest issue of Inspire highlights al Qaeda succession.

Two Al-Qaeda leaders killed in Yemen.

New terror report warns of insider threat to utilities.


Real estate site Zillow soars in IPO debut.

Entire Apple stores being faked in China.

Global slowdown signs strengthen, debt crisis weighs.

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