Jul 17, 2011

The Week in Review: The Sunday Comics

D.C.'s "professional politicians" fail to solve the debt problem. They scared granny and the military by saying the checks won't be written. Moody's said they're changing the rating. And the doom and gloom of the U.S. debt default cloud loomed larger. Nothing but posturing in D.C. What these "professionals" don't understand is that you can't pay the mortgage with your credit card. Oh, you didn't hear the press conference when Mr. Obama said,"...the professional politicians know better," and they understand the Debt Crisis more than "the Public."

He also lectured us to "eat our peas" and the Bernankie proclaimed that gold is NOT money. So, a Federal Reserve Note IS? Well, when the unclean masses are sleeping in their cars, in tent cities, or on the streets thanks to you "professional politicians," maybe that's when they'll figure it out? I wonder if they'll still have their guns? My guess is that that's the one thing they'll take with them.

Rupert Murdoch had a pretty bad week. More targets — including, allegedly, 9/11 victims — of phone hacking by Rupert Murdoch's newspapers surfaced this week. Murdoch's top lieutenants stepped down Friday, the media mogul has shut down the 168-year-old News of the World, and he's even scrapped his bid to take over British broadcaster BSkyB. Naturally, the media is all over the raging scandal — with the notable exception of Murdoch's Fox News. Funny. Citizen Fox.

Mumbai grapples with terrorism again. Three bombs exploded in Mumbai, killing at least 20 people, injuring many more, and increasing tension between India and Pakistan. Days before the blasts, the U.S. announced it was pulling hundreds of millions in military aid for Pakistan, hoping to get better cooperation in the fight against Islamist extremists. Are the two unrelated? Uh, I'll let you chew on that for a moment or two.

Michele Bachmann hogs the spotlight. As Mr. Obama's poll numbers fall, the GOP think they've got a chance, for some reason. Although, if you look at the stage, there's no cream, only crazy rising to the top of the Starbucks cup. Bachmann may be Republicans' new presidential frontrunner, but fellow Minnesota conservative Tim Pawlenty says her lack of congressional accomplishments makes her unfit for the White House. I can think of a couple other things, Tim - mainly the nonsense that keeps falling out of her mouth? Also of note, Mrs. Bachmann is avoiding an ABC News report about the Christian counseling center her family owns, which reportedly tries to "cure" homosexuality.

Woman's soccer is heating up - mostly because the US Women are about to go into the final game. Funny, I always thought soccer was a girly game. Nah, I'm just ribbing you, a little, rest of the world.

Netflix decided to go out of business. The very popular movie rental and streaming service delivered an unexpected blow to itself and investors when they announced that they were going to hike their price 60 percent.

Google+ launched. They have 10 million people suckered in - er, joining already. Apparently folks haven't given up enough of their personal information to advertisers, yet, and need a new outlet to do it. And who better to hold your personal information than the world's largest advertising company - Google?

Harry Potter says goodbye to the people who grew up with himJ.K. Rowling has sold more than 450 million books, and brought in $6 billion at the box office. It's the Millennial Generation's Luke Skywalker. And if they're lucky, in 20 years you'll see Harry's kid instead of Luke's dad as a kid when J.K. runs out of cash? They can hope, anyway.

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