Jul 24, 2011

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

The debt ceiling fight keeps on truckin'. Mr. Obama and congressional lawmakers still haven't reached a deal to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit, even as they careen toward an Aug. 2 deadline, when the U.S. will run out of money to pay bills. (even if it's the 10th, eh, who cares about details?) A deal to allow the feds to keep adding to America's massive debt could take many forms — but in the meantime, all this partisan bickering is drawing jeers that the 112th is the "worst Congress ever." Really? Worse than Pelosi? What about when Preston Brooks beat the living tar out of Senator Sumner half to death on the floor of the Senate, and then was praised by the South? Yeah, they suck, but they all need to take equal blame. Oh, reminder - closing loopholes and adding "fees" are still tax increases. Trust me, I've lived in Chicago for a very long time.

Rupert Murdoch feels the pressure, had a worse week than you did... or "My Empire is Crumbling!" The News Corp. chief's U.K. deputy, Rebekah Brooks, was arrested over a devastating phone-hacking scandal, and Murdoch himself publicly apologized for his tabloid's bad behavior. The Fox boss still faces pressure to resign, and, while testifying before the British Parliament, was the victim of a shaving-cream pie attack. Didn't the Simpsons already write this episode?

Michele Bachmann Gets Headaches! She should be under the microscope for her insane opposition to same-sex marriage (which, if the GOP wanted to grab the Libertarians, would support the end of the social issue nonsense) but instead is being called out for a report that she suffers from debilitating migraines. Did someone sneak into her medicine cabinet? Did Tim Pawlenty let that one leak ala-Hillary and the Birther movement? Ah... I'll never tell. It should be what comes out of her mouth that she be judged, and the content of her character. Let's keep it fair.

There was a heat wave - it's summer

Borders closed it's orders - they went out of business, officially.

Harry Potter still rules the B.O. and I'm expecting to see Harry Potter as an adult working at a government job, or the wacky adventures of his children. I also wonder if the whole thing was just the dream of an abused foster child that was forced to live under the stairs while the evil parents were taking the support checks?

Oh, and manned spaceflight is down to a small outpost. I hope that this is just a temporary situation.

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