Jul 29, 2011

Rule With An Iron Fist, Please, Mr. Obama

From Kirby Said: Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas urged the President to act like a dictator and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling using the "14th Amendment."

The partisan Democrat rattled off a laundry list of claims to what would happen if Speaker Boehner's bill passes:
  • Medicare would be gone
  • Pell Grants would not be available
  • Seniors would be put out of nursing homes
  • Social Security would be trampled on
  • American savings would be lost
  • The American dream of buying a home would be lost
  • Public transportation like airplanes and trains would be somehow jeopardized
Holding a two-inch think book, Jackson Lee said, "And if we cannot pay our bills Mr. President, use the Constitution and use the 14th amendment."

In a rambling, almost incoherent statement, she said:

"We will not suffer the idea of a one-sided government that takes away entitlements, that caps spending that is for those in need and balances an amendment on the backs of those who are suffering from devastating disasters like states like Missouri, states like Alabama, with all of the flooding..."

"Pray for America," she added.

Oh, please, let's add more stupidity by evoking religion!

1) The 14th Amendment has the word "credit" in it, and it's been well established that the president can't use that poor wording to raise funds or debt ceilings. That's Congresses

2) If he were to do something so stupid, and Mr. Obama is professor in Constitutional Law, he'd most certainly get impeached for doing it. Tim Scott (R-SC) even said so.

3) And on top of this crap sandwich, let's review what Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee is actually asking the Executive Branch to take her job. Well, since she's obviously shown she's not qualified for it, maybe she's on to something?

The Video of this can be seen here - I don't know how to copy'n'paste it.

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