Jul 17, 2011

Quick Hit

A snippet of a thought... maybe I can do something with this some day?

ROMAN GOV WORKER (John Ratzenburger voice) Eh, ma'am, you've got "The Holy Ghost" scribbled down here as the father - ah, that may fly in your crazy Hebrew culture... but we Romans don't put up with th-

MARY: Please, just play along or my husband will crucify me.

ROMAN GOV WORKER: Eh, whatevs - just don't come back 30 years later telling me this bastard kid of yours is the King of the Jews, alright? Next!

ROMAN GOV WORKER #2: Hey, wasn't that "Virgin Mary."

ROMAN GOV WORKER #1: What'a know, Normmy! I think it was! Hey, guys!?

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