Jul 11, 2011

Nanny State Makes Rules for Nannys

Hey, it's a grand idea to have rules that govern day care centers. But the Nanny State is taking this one a tad bit too far?

The Colorado Department of Human Services has proposed that all day care centres in the state make dolls available that represent three different races.

A lengthy list of new rules – 98 pages to be exact – has just been released by the department which feature a slew of changes.
Many critics have taken to blogs and forums to voice their disbelief over the three race dolls proposal. Saelic posted: ‘What about disabled dolls, transgender dolls, deformed or elderly dolls? If they really want to include everything why not these?’ Pollysunshine said: ‘Many studies have found in the past that most children always pick up the white doll anyway and rarely notice the different races.’ Paulo84 wrote: ‘Yeah that’s right, instil political correctness or racism in them before then even get to school. So does that mean only the black kids get to play with black dolls and Asian kids Asian dolls etc?’

Wonder if the kids will even notice? Or will they be branded racists if they take the doll that has the skin color that they also have?

Everyone knows that three year olds are rasist little nazis.

Hat tip to Uncle Dave for the cut'n'paste

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