Jul 8, 2011

Chicago Union Party

A rally was staged by a group funded by the Chicago Teachers Union and the Service Employees union, among others, to make a very public statement that they're against pay cuts to help balance the budget - but it didn't stop there - they want the blood of the rich too.

More than 1,000 attended, along with a dozen or so City Aldermen. The unions put a villain on stage, and his name? Mr. Moneybags.

Dressed in a top hat and spats, he play-acted the role of evil capitalist, supported by a half-dozen others labeled the Millionaires Club, pretending to assign blame for Chicago's failing public schools.

Apparently, the teachers still think that Socialism is a working system? What no one has bothered to tell the Public Employee Unions, whom are not evil, but simply misinformed - is that the public employees are working at the pleasure of the 'people'. They are not employeed by the evil bad guy Mr. Moneybags capitalist who's earning off your back. You are working for The People. Your defiance is against the people. Your Mr. Moneybags is actually Joe SixPack and Joey Bagadonuts. Fighting against the taxpayers isn't going to win you any friends, especially when you are fighting for raises when Joey has been unemployed for three years, Joe has had to give up any chance of raises while his company tries to make payroll -- and their kid's STILL can't read.

Public Employee Unions Rally to Push Back Against Budget Cuts: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

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ClassroomSooth said...

1) The groups are not funded by CTU or SEIU: they are part of a coalition with them. They are mostly funded by Chicago tax-payers and other beneficiaries as neighborhood associations.

2) 18 Aldermen signed.

3) The fight isn't against "Tom and Tiffany Tax-payer," but against the individuals who DON'T pay their fair share of taxes, less than 10% of the population, but who have a very unfair share of the wealth and power in this city and country.