Jul 26, 2011

Blame Game at the N'th Hour

House Speaker John Boehner announces debt plan, rejected by some conservative lawmakers; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid releases own plan, quickly endorsed by White House; Obama, Boehner tells their sides in separate speeches to nation; transcript of Obama’s speech; transcript of Boehner’s speech.

Waaaah! I haven't seen this much finger pointing and flat out crying at a microphone since Dave Wan-stash was coaching the Bears.

Meanwhile, the following chart should be included in any discussion of the trouble we're in:

Yes, see, it's all the Bush Tax cuts - that Obama extended. He also extended the wiretaps and the wars, and then started another two... Libya and Yemen. Here's another chart to chew on...

Oh, ironically, Football is back on! The players and the owners came to an agreement.

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