Jun 7, 2011

What a Dick

Yep. It was his crotch.

Rep. Anthony Weiner appeared before the press to tearfully confess a series of “inappropriate communications”with six women he met online. He stressed that his relationship with these women had no physical component whatsoever, but refused to elaborate on the exact nature of the exchanges.

Weiner further admitted that the now-infamous underwear pic was in fact tweeted by him, and the hacking fabrication his used to cover it up was meant to protect his loved ones.

Calling his behavior “a destructive thing,” Weiner offered the media no clear-cut explanation for his actions, but said he knew what he was doing was a mistake. The congressman said he has no intention of resigning his post, believing he did not violate any law nor break the oath to his constituents.

Asked about how his marriage would fair in light of his admission, Weiner said he loves his wife “very much” and they two “have no intention of splitting up over this.” He later added that his wife had knowledge concerning some of these relationships “since before we were married.”

Meanwhile, ABC News posted an interview it conducted with Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old woman who claims to have been one of the women with whom Rep. Weiner engaged in “a sexually-charged electronic relationship.”

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Nancy Pelosi says she's "deeply disappointed," and has called for Ethics Committee investigation; Perhaps she forgot that she's not running the place and there actually WILL be an investigation. Its about the lies and the cover-up. The ridiculous, half-assed, cover-up.

Ben Smith: “Can Weiner keep his seat?”; The Hill‘s Ballot Box: Weiner’s seat “unlikely to fall to GOP.” Hell, he'll still probably run for mayor of New York, and he'll probably still win.

My comment - Even after he is caught, continued to lie, (poorly) and then only until pictures OF HIM came out did he even consider owing up to it. It was probably the worst cover up I've seen since Senator 'Wide Stance'. Like IL's Blago - Weiner has unchecked political ambition without anything to back it up, meaning no ideas or actual ability in the political arena.

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