Jun 12, 2011

Week in Review - Sunday Comics

Weiner's Weiner is on fire. Dude, leave. Even Nancy Pelosi says it's time for you to go. Best part, you have a full on sex scandal without actually having any sex. That's the most- look if you're going to piss it all away, at least have something to show for it. John Edwards got a kid and a Federal Indictment - and Spritzer at least banged his hooker. What'a got? Some photos you sent to a 17 year old girl? Good work.

Sarah Palin's Email - of the 24,199 pages (er, printing emails is so not cool) they only found about six things worth mentioning. 1) She wanted 35K for a tanning bed. 2) She wanted to be VP before she was asked. 3) She agreed with Obama about energy, at one moment 4) Who's Obama - which everyone says she was being sarcastic. Hard to tell with email. 5) Sarah is self absorbed and worried about her image. The sun also rose. 6) Goofy pics. Hardly worth spending the 35K in printer ink and paper to print out all those suckers, eh?

Newt's standing by himself on the side of the road kind of wondering, well, it can't get any worse -- and then it starts to pour. Everyone walked out on him. Must be that work ethic of his. He took a 2 week vacation after starting his campaign. No, you do that when you're President, Newt.

Assad might be loosing his grip on Syria. I guess killing scores of unarmed citizens isn't the best PR move with the masses? But outgoing Secretary Gates and NATO are falling out of love since this whole Quadaffy love affair, my Syrian friends, don't expect anyone in the West to step into that pratfall a second time. Sorry.

Oh, have you checked your 401K lately. No? Good. Don't.

Steve Jobs got on stage and talked about iCloud. Here's a great deal - give me 25 bucks a year for all the crap you already put on your device, and you can, uh, have it on two devices. "The Cloud" is the new "synergy" word that "people" who "don't know anything" like to pretend they know what they're "talking" about say. A lot. These are the same morons who think saying "viral" means it's on the "internet." Steve's going to make another trillion dollars off these same people.

Super 8 came out. It's JJ Abram's rip off of a Steven Spielbergo Movie, that's produced by Steven Spielbergo. Win. Win. It's gotta' be better than the Jim Carry penguin movie, right? And about that, at least the penguins don't talk... right? Or do they? Hell if I'll ever know. And you're supposed to be excited about X-men 5.

Arizona won't have to worry about illegals anymore... as it seems the entire state is on fire. Well, that's what I heard. Jan Brewer's going to have a hell of a time asking the Feds for help on this one, ain't she?

We made it here this week. Let's try to meet up again next time.

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