Jun 4, 2011

Update in Yemen

Yemen’s President Is Taken to Saudi Arabia

President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, injured in an attack on his compound in Sana on Friday, has arrived in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, Saudi officials said Saturday.

Fighting broke out again in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a Saturday, with the forces of President Ali Abdullah Saleh shelling the homes of anti-government leaders.

Sporadic rocket fire and firefights erupted in the al-Hasaba district of northern Sana'a, the home base of dissident tribesman Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar. He is a leader of what Saleh said was a "gang of outlaws" that carried out a rocket attack on the presidential compound Friday. Thousands fled the city on Saturday and roads were clogged at daybreak.

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Gun nut said...

Did you hear the NPR report that practically gives away an armed society is a polite society?

"NORRIS: How is it that the opposition forces appear to be so well armed?

Mr. ALMASMARI: Everyone here in Yemen is well armed - the opposition, the government the tribes, even the beggars in the streets. That is why Yemen's revolution has been peaceful over the last four months until recently. People know that everyone is armed, everyone is able to attack and that is why people did not attack, and four months of peaceful protest took place in Yemen, until the last couple of weeks, when clashes between the president and the Ahmar family arose."