Jun 5, 2011

Sunday Comics: The Week in Review

We made it. Now here's a quick review of what we missed, and what can be summed up with a cartoon.

Lot of our leaders don't like pants - and are strangely surprised when the rest of us get kind of pissed about their hazy memory of what happened.
As far as the debt ceiling goes here's my bumper sticker: It's the Spending, Stupid.
no, wait...
It's the Stupid Spending, Stupid!
It was a tough week for the economy. Friday's release of the May jobs report showed that just 54,000 new non-farm payroll jobs were created last month, well below the 150,000 net jobs economists had projected. These guys are less accurate than weather men.

Meanwhile, taxpayers will probably never see $14 billion of the $80 billion 2008-09 auto bailout. Oh, and home prices fell below the bottom they hit in 2009. Which implies we haven't even seen the bottom yet - let alone hit it.

After armed Europeans were spotted meeting with Libyan rebels, it looks like NATO is going to finally get flack from someone other than me, for overstepping the United Nations mandate to protect civilians, and inching into a ground war. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad offered general amnesty in a bid to quell rebellion, and reports emerged that Egypt's military forced women to undergo "virginity tests" after they were arrested in a March protest.

Romney is running, and Sarah Palin is on a short bus.

Anthoney Weiner doesn't recognize his own junk and expects us to believe that his Twitter account was hacked. I'd love to say he's corrupt - but he's really just stupid. And speaking of Twitter, Shaq told the world his tour of NBA teams was ending this year. 19 years. Maybe he'll do more terrible movies?

Groupon, the Pets.com of 2011, launched an IPO this week, delighting those people who were mourning the loss of Ophra.

Mad Cow, Swine Flu, Bird Flu - now killer German Cucumbers!
Okay, we made it here, let's try to meet back up next week.

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