Mar 13, 2011

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

Some of us made it to the end of the week. Don't forget to change your clocks and the batteries in your smoke detector.

We'll keep this short, as I'm going to the Irish Parade to get candy before I close up the bunker from Japan nuclear fallout.
On this NPR disaster... which seems very tame - but there's an issue that hasn't been brought up -- He was going to take the money. Fake, or not. And he wasn't going to tell the Feds. That's a problem. And HOW could that not have affected coverage? That's even more dangerous than NBC not reporting negatively about it's parent company Comcast. It looks like the final battle, as in Wisconsin, has been lost. For anyone keeping score, the conservatives have had an amazing winning streak going since November 2nd.
PS. Gitmo is still open, and still in business. I think they're using it for training.
Well good luck Japan.

Good luck Libyan freedom fighters - maybe next week someone will finally commit to continue talks about having a meeting to select a committee to appoint a blue ribbon panel to debate placing a no-fly zone around Libya to keep you from getting pummeled by Quadaffy's hired goons? Ironically, Mr. and Mrs. Obama had a week long discussion about stopping bullies.

Oh and PS - Phil Collins has said that he's retiring (again) from music. We should have seen that coming in the air of the night.

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