Mar 6, 2011

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

End of the week. Finish line.

Charlie Sheen is nuts - and that is the MOST important issue in America, nay, the world right now. Now, just so that no one forgets, everyone was caught up on what a nut job Anne Hache was the days before September 11th. So, just saying.

Meanwhile, Sheen is a master - he has successfully ended that vile steaming pile of sitcom. Let the man have a victory dance.
Libya isn't revolting, they're falling into full blown Civil War. The sooner that the Colonel "leaves" the better it will be for everyone.
Meantime, how's that revolution reverberating everywhere else? Well, all politics are local - as Uncle Tip O'Neil used to say.

I particularly liked this one...And the SCOTUS decided to read the First Amendment out loud, again, to come up with their decision. Not a popular one, to be sure, but it was the correct one.
We made it. See you here next time.

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