Mar 16, 2011


Other news you're not paying attention to...


Bahrain expels protesters from Pearl roundabout. Bahrain forces expel protesters; clashes kill 5. Analysis: Bahrain crisis seen worsening sectarian tensions. In Bahrain: Protesters fear mass arrests are next.

Abbas says he’s prepared to visit Gaza strip to heal relations with Hamas. Hamas welcomes Abbas' readiness to visit Gaza.

Yemeni opposition activists attacked, 120 wounded. Witnesses say hundreds injured in attack by Yemen government supporters on camping protesters.

Israel unveils seized arms cache. Israel intercepts ship it says carried Iranian weapons bound for Gaza.

Syrian security disperses protests.


CIA spy charged with murder in Pakistan is freed. CIA contractor released after Pakistan killings. Blood ransom paid?

Pakistan Christian's death 'not due to natural causes'.

Corruption 'threatens India's economic growth'.


Gadhafi son: 'Everything will be over in 48 hours'. Libyan oil buys allies for Qaddafi. Libyan website reports rebels sink Gaddafi ships. Qaddafi forces attack rebel stronghold in West. Libyan rebel city comes under Kadhafi assault. Gaddafi advances, no-fly diplomacy falters. Libyan forces bombard rebels in the east and west.

Young leaders of Egypt's revolt snub Clinton in Cairo. Clinton, rebuffed in Egypt, faces tough task on Arab upheaval.

Accused Somali 'pirates' deny US yacht death charges.

Ivorian fighting spreads to new town in west.


Silvio Berlusconi laughs off '33 women' claims. Sex with 33 women in two months? 'That's too many, even for me,' claims Italian prime minister Berlusconi.

Germany shuts 7 plants as Europe plans safety tests.

Japan crisis: disaster tests for all 19 British reactors.

Wealthy foreigners offered fast track to settle in Britain.


Ciudad Juarez 'safe corridors' plagued by killings.

Uruguay officially recognizes Palestinian state.

U.S. housing starts see biggest drop since 1984.

Dollar depressed by OPEC slashing treasury holdings by 9%.

Mandatory spending to exceed all U.S. Federal revenues — 50 years ahead of schedule.

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