Mar 2, 2011

He Turned Me into a Newt

Gingrich to Make It Official: He's 'Exploring' Presidential Bid

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is taking the first formal steps toward launching a presidential campaign.

No surprise to Blaspheme's readers. We've been reporting that he's been hanging out in Iowa... a lot.

A senior Republican official confirmed the news, first reported by ABC.

Legally, Gingrich does not need to form a committee to begin the "exploratory" phase of a presidential campaign. The Federal Election Commission requires only that he begin tracking his donations and report them when he forms a full-fledged presidential committee.

To all you folks out there yelling and screaming and jumping on chairs - I seriously doubt that candidate Gingrich has a chance at the nomination. He has more baggage than an the Orlando Airport carousel. What with his family values kind of not-parallel with the rest of the party image.

Between the hard-core Republicans and hard-core Progressives who absolutely hate Newt, he's nothing more than a potential punching bag on the debate stage, and to this author, may very well may be a wringer.

Now that said -- he'd be a PERFECT Veep candidate for the GOP!

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