Mar 5, 2011

China On A Path

China To Boost Military Spending: Gunning For The US?

China is ramping up its military spending at a time its financial firepower is increasingly in focus after it unseated Japan as the second biggest economy in the world.

A Chinese official said on Friday the country will increase military spending 12.7 percent this year after a drop in spending last year owing to the financial crisis.

An analysis of comparative military capabilities of the world's leading nations will reveal that if China is going ballistic in efforts to bolster its military, it's certainly gunning for the United States.

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China Isn't Interested In Curbing The Growth Of Its Nuclear Arsenal

China in June 2008 ruled out accepting any restrictions on additions to its nuclear weapons stockpile, the Sydney Morning Herald today quoted leaked U.S. diplomatic documents as saying.

Envoys from the United States have sought unsuccessfully on multiple occasions to obtain additional information from Beijing about Chinese nuclear weapons, according to classified cables obtained by the transparency group WikiLeaks. China has minimized what details it has released on its nuclear arsenal in a bid to bolster the position of its armed forces, the documents quote Chinese officials as saying in closed discussions.

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War and rumors of war.

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