Feb 27, 2011

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

By the skin of the tooth - we made it to the end of another week.
The reign of Pharaoh Rahmses has begun. Good work, Chicago - a carpetbagging insider who's up to his eyes in Clinton, Daley the Second, and Obama - and Blago is your new boot on your throat. Ironically, while the rest of the world yearns for Democracy - you have decided you're not ready for it. Hey, maybe it'll be okay? And maybe the small bears from the windy place will take the flag. Hope burns eternal, doesn't it?
Oh, I don't mean to pick on just Chicago - it seems the entire Midwest is breaking down and crying... well, at least that's the case of Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats, anyway.
Sure, sure, it's about collective bargaining... how do you bargain for table scraps? The cake is long gone. There are but a few sprinkles on the tablecloth. That's what you're expending all this energy on? Well, where were you folks on November 2nd? Really? You're that passionate about it, where were you on November 1st? Knocking on doors? Rallying your comrades? Just wondering... because it seems you could have averted this with some community organizing a few months ago.
And I'm right there with you Private Sector guy -- sure, it's not fair that some public sector folks put into Social Security and aren't allowed to get that... if there's a rule change, I'll support that. I know a lot of public sector folks who argue that. But if you really want to cut waste -- CUT OVERTIME. Let's start that up.

Wait is that about the debt or our fat asses? Oh, both? Great cartoon.If anyone cares, I think King's Speech will kick ass at the Oscars -- mostly because actors are the majority voters, and the King's Speech is about acting, speech therapy and revisionist history.
Great work, Administration.
I ran that on earlier in the week. It's pretty much spot on. The other caption could be - "Oh, I see there's more violence in Libya today!?"
Another great cartoon... I can only hope that there Iranians left to go against their regime. Meaning, I hope that they all haven't been hung.
Again, Facebook is just a tool - but it's a great tool.
I was online the other day, and someone was yelling that the US should get involved in the Libyan uprising -- I responded, "It's funny. Everyone is usually running around yelling how the US is a bully and uses it's influence for it's own interests, and now the ONE time the US doesn't intervene, someone's yelling for the US to invade." Well, about 800 comments later, I stand by that comment. Meantime, I really, really wish Reagan would have had greater success in bombing his ass.

And now, a moment of silence for our friends and readers in New Zealand.
Hang on gang, just a little while longer and it'll be St. Patrick's Day.

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