Feb 1, 2011

Mosque Attack Thwarted

American Terrorist Tries to Blow Up one of the USA's biggest mosques with 700 Muslims in it

About 700 people were attending a funeral inside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, the largest mosque in metro Detroit, when Dearborn police arrived to arrest a man in a car in the parking lot.

He had driven to Michigan from California and reportedly was overheard in a bar making threatening comments about Muslims or Arabs. His car was loaded with large, illegal fireworks, police said. Now, Roger Stockham, 63, is jailed on charges that include making a false report or threat of terrorism.

"He's very dangerous," said Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad.

Yes, a car full of M80's. I'm not an expert - but it sounds more like he was going to put on a fireworks display and cause some mayhem - not exactly bring down the building kind of event BUT - let's remember that this is an American intent on blowing up other Americans.

We all need to take a minute to give credit where credit is due, to summarize the modern law-enforcement techniques and agencies that made it possible to catch him:

  • Illegal wiretaps
  • Naked X-Ray machines
  • Waterboarding, "stress positions," and other types of torture
  • TSA crotch-grabbing of minors
  • Color-coded terror alerts
  • Internet spying/surveillance/data harvesting
  • Racial/ethnic/religious profiling
  • Any and all the actions and involvement from the FBI, the DHS, or the TSA and Mega-Plex Homeland Security
Oh, wait. That's the list of things that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH catching him! This was a crusty old man talking at a bar!

That said, you haven't seen this information, but I wonder that if this was the other way around - a Muslim with a car full of fireworks outside of a mega-church - would the coverage been different? Would that be buried even further?

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