Feb 2, 2011

Geography Failure

Dear Jimmy's geography teacher -
Yes, Jimmy seemed to have mad skillz with the Photoshop.
He probably took the red eye out of your kid's birthday photos - and you let him pass because he did a nice job. But, look at what Jimmy's done... yeah, first off Jimmy's working for Fox News. I guess your passing him got that high school diploma needed to get into the graphics department at the network.
He's moved Egypt to where Iraq should be - and the fact that no one caught that is odd -- but come on? You make new maps every day over there, or can you re-use one every so often? America's only been engaged in the region since -- well, that Marine's song -- how's that go? "Shores of Tripoli?"
Okay, so a hard drive crashed. I get that - but you can’t use the Internet to get a map like we do at Blasphemes?
How does this sort of thing happen on a network in the first place? Kind of makes me wonder what else those guys are just 'whipping up' over there.

Meantime, Jimmy, yeah, go find your geography teacher and get a refund from him.

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