Feb 26, 2011

The Face of Evil

The alternate headline: The Ongoing Case FOR the Death Penalty.

Why? Toddler raped at SeaWorld. Suspect saved photos of assault on cell phone, sent pictures to e-mail account

I have been thinking about this story all day. It's been really, really disturbing me.

If a 'person' has to do this sort of thing to get his kicks, then he needs to be taken off this planet.

Granted, there's a due process that hasn't been given to this accused man. He is only accused. However, if after that process, the court and a jury of his peers renders him guilty - and the photos didn't just 'magic' themselves onto his cell phone and email account - I want this thing off our planet. Whether on a rocket, a barrage of bullets, or in a prison where the fellow inmates 'circle the wagons' on him... whatever it takes, I want this thing off our world.


Cthulhu said...


Wow. Yahweh said that vengeance was his alone, but.....Why would anyone do that? How messed up is that guy? Why/how is he hanging out with this single mother & her child?

Reminds me of that story you posted of the crazy guy who murdered his child on the side of the road because of "a demon." What was the final ending of that story?

WaffleMan said...

Yeah, they shot the dude.