Feb 2, 2011

Egypt Fears

What, no 'Idi'? And why are all these guys white?

On a serious note - here's the REAL STORY of what's going on, on the ground. Minus the spin.
The tl;dr is this:
  • Saturday was indescribable. Nothing that I write can describe the utter state of lawlessness that prevailed.

  • Today the Egyptians are scared. They have been given a glimpse of hell and they don't like what they see. Contrary to Al Jazeera's propaganda, the Egyptian masses are not demonstrating anymore. They are protecting their homes and families. The demonstration last night had 5,000 political activists participating and not 150,000 as Al Jazeera insists. At this moment, no one outside of those political activists cares less now if the President will resign or not. They have more important concerns now; security and food.

  • So where are we today? Well the answer is still not clear, yet a couple of conclusions are evident.

    1. The Gamal inheritance scenario is finished.

    2. Mubarak will not run for another Presidential term. His term ends in October and either he will serve the rest of his term or will resign once things cool down for health reasons, which are real. He is dying.

    3. The army is in control now. We are heading back to the "golden age" of army rule. The "kids" are no longer in charge. The "men' are.

    4. Until the economy fails again, the neo-liberal economic policies are over. Forget about an open economy for some time.

  • Immediately the task of the army is to stabilize the situation and enforce order.

  • Security wise the situation is a disaster. It might take months to arrest all those criminals again.

  • Outside of Western media hype, El Baradei is nothing. A man that has spent less than 30 days in the past year in Egypt and hardly any time in the past 20 years is a nobody. It is entirely insulting to Egyptians to suggest otherwise.

  • On the long run the Egyptian question remains the same. Nothing has changed in that regard.

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