Jan 27, 2011

Tip of the Fraud Iceburg

Tarnished Aid Fund Says Others In Worse Shape

A $21.7 billion health fund championed by the rich and famous [Bono] has come under harsh scrutiny amid revelations that it's bleeding money to corruption. But fund officials and outside analysts in the field have a stark message for global development: Other aid agencies are in much worse shape.

"The others should follow our lead," the fund's inspector general, John Parsons, said Monday at a news conference organized by the fund's top officials to discuss an Associated Press story about $34 million in losses in several African nations.

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It's so bad, Germany is cutting them off. The response has been... yeah, we're skimming - but it's not that much. Besides, you should see what everyone else is getting away with!

Foreign aid is one of those many tools that not only alleviates world suffering, but it also helps to stabilize regions that would otherwise descend into conflict and war. Any disruption in aid .... through corruption or incompetence .... would only escalate any possibility of conflict.

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