Jan 25, 2011

Rahm's Back On!

The Illinois Supreme Court will consider Rahm Emanuel's appeal, and demanded that his name stay on the ballot.

There will be no oral arguments, only the same briefs as heard by the Illinois Appellate Court, sources say.

These two actions - the stay, and the announcement that they'll take the case pretty much show where they're going to rule on this. And for those of you in International Waters, such as myself, please note that the Illinois Supreme Corrupt is a political biased and influenced group. They're not immune to the political winds of Chicago. Also, one of the judges is friends or related to - maybe married? to one of the candidates. Don't assume that she'll recuse herself. That'd be silly.

But why is everyone so pissed about this story?

Rahm's breaking the law.

The rules are set up in Cook County to keep carpetbaggers from running for mayor. Not Senator or Rep or to vote. To run for mayor.

He defended himself based on the voting requirements, and the court saw right through it and denied him.

If he had not leased his house out - it probably wouldn't have been questioned. He claimed that because he left some boxes in the crawl space that it showed "intent."

Also, the City of Chicago has strict rules about city residency for people who are employed by the city. Police and teachers, for example. When they let Rahm scoot out, then all the Police and teachers could convert their homes to rentals, and live in the burbs - with the 'intent' to move back 'someday'.

But the future Pharaoh is above all that. Rules? Laws? These are not for important people such as the great Rahmses.

Besides, now that the people of Chicago have had 24 hours to digest the idea of 'mayor' Carol Mostly Wrong, they're sighing a collective sigh that Rahm's back in it.

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