Jan 19, 2011

Pleistocene Park?

So they've been extinct for about 10,000 years? Bah, woolly mammoths will soon be back on Earth! In just five years, according to Japanese scientists who plan to use frozen DNA to resurrect the behemoth. Last summer, researchers plucked skin and muscle tissue from an ancient mammoth's carcass that was found preserved under permafrost in Siberia. A nearly complete body of one of the animals was found there and has since been kept in a special freezer in a Russian research lab. Researchers from Japan's Kinki University have found a way to isolate DNA from the frozen mammoth's tissue. Now they plan to insert that DNA into the egg cells of a normal, modern African elephant and then plant the resulting embryo into the elephant's womb. How's that mom going to react to that little fuzzball? I suppose it'll be a lot like Dumbo - but more racist and less flying.
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Since it's the Japanese doing this - I'm going to assume it's to eat the thing, or to turn it into a giant robot.

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