Jan 3, 2011

Playoff Discussion

NFL Payoff Discussion


1. Between Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy and Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, is either coach willing to run in a pressure situation?

Not this year.

If the Packers still had Grant and Lynch, maybe there might be a running game? Since they don't, the Pack have only one weapon - air power. Same with the Eagles.

2. What is the biggest obstacle the Eagles face in getting to the Super Bowl?

Philadelphia’s defense kind of sucks. If you drop that last game against the Cowboys, the Eagles have allowed about 17 points in 12 consecutive games, and have allowed at least 20 points in nine of those games. If the Eagles don’t an early lead - they have problems.

3. Could the Saints could lose in the first round?

Sure! Yes, it's football. Crazy junk happens all the time. That's one of the reasons folks watch it. Ask Tony Romo.When the Saints played Seattle earlier this season, and whooped the Seahawks 34-19. Note: "earlier this season."

4. Should the NFL change it so that the NFC West-qualifying-didn’t have a winning season- Seahawks can't get into the playoffs?

Okay, you can break up the divisions from 8 to 4 - but that sucks.

Or, better, any division winner must have a winning record in order to host a playoff game. That means that a 7-9 or 8-8 team could still make the playoffs, but wouldn’t be rewarded with a home game, thus maintaining some kind of integrity to the regular season.

5. Of the top two seeds (Atlanta and Chicago), which one is more vulnerable?

The Falcons play a lot of close games. They were 6-2 this season in games decided by less than a touchdown - so a lot of games that could easily have switched on a play or two. As for the Bears, they have a better defense, but they have a quarterback Jay-Wait we're not wearing Green Uniforms?-Cutler.

Let's just say this Bears fan is delighted to have his team going to the playoffs, but is not expecting to go deep into said playoffs.


1. Is Manning back?

From Nov. 7 to Dec. 5, Manning had 13 interceptions – the most for him over any such period – and the Colts went 1-4 to drop to 6-6. They came out of the ditch and Manning has come back to the top of his game. All those endorsement deals were probably threatening to give him the boot.

2. Did Baltimore catch a break when Indianapolis won and forced the Ravens to travel to Kansas City?

Sure, but you could also be realistic and say that Baltimore could have beaten the Colts.

3. Who can knock out New England?

The Patriots own Pittsburgh. Only one team has won a playoff game at New England -- Baltimore, last season. And everyone was injured. But, earlier this year, the Ravens held Brady to a season-low passer rating of 69.3 and intercepted him twice. But you may want to note that's before Brady and Deion Branch worked it out? Baltimore is our only hope.

That's my two half eaten brats worth of insight.

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