Jan 25, 2011

Obama Pulls for Rahm

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarret appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" Tuesday with some insight as to where the president stands regarding his former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's having been booted from the Chicago mayoral ticket by an appellate court ruling.

"I think that he believes that he is eligible, and that he believes that Rahm will pursue his appeal in the courts," Jarrett said.

An Illinois appellate court ruled Monday that Rahm Emanuel cannot run for mayor of Chicago, a decision that shocked the city's political establishment and triggered a rapid appeal from the former White House chief of staff to the state Supreme Court.

Well that's super, Mrs. Jarret, and Mr. Obama. What's the saying? "If Wishes and Buts were candy and nuts..." That doesn't change the letter of the law, does it? Or does it?

Why would the President allow one of his people to speculate on a previous employee's job prospects? And, with that, be so completely wrong about this issue? Isn't Mr. Obama a Constitutional Law professor? Obviously, this is not an issue, politically, that Mr. Obama or his staff should be sticking any of their noses or opinions on. It shows at once that they're wrong. It shows that they believe that if they wish away the law - it'll conveniently just go away in their favor (Rules? Laws? Come on! We're Chicago Machine Democrats! These are merely suggestions!)

And they're reminding everyone how Democrats in Illinois roll -- and worst of all -- they're reminding everyone that they're from Chicago.

On a day where Mr. Obama is on the tipping point tonight of his success or failure - based on the State of the Union speech - you'd think he would have put a gag order on everyone... at the very least, a gag order on the events in Chicago?

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