Jan 19, 2011

My Fantasy Team

Something has been on my mind, quite a bit lately, and I haven't really shared it too much.

You see, my fantasy team has been doing really well this year. I got stuck with Jay Cutler and, what seemed to be terrible receivers and also a noodle strainer for an offensive line. And, apparently no run game to speak of.

My defense was always good, and luckily very healthy - oh, and I had Devin Hester on my special teams.

The first four times I took the team out in a simulated situation, they got their asses handed to them, and I figured I'd be looking forward to my fantasy hockey league. I was fairly sure my choice of fantasy coach was going to be joining me on the unemployment line before the end of the season.

But, somehow, my fantasy team worked on their offensive line problem. They decided not to continue the issues that plagued them so much the previous year. Special teams were back to 2005 levels. My defense stayed healthy. I was also blessed with some games against third string quarterbacks and some interesting situations that just happened to fall into my favor.

Next thing I knew, it was my team against a team comprised only of Green Bay Packers. Incredible, I know! What were the odds? Unfortunately, my fantasy team thought it'd be a good idea to throw the run game out and only concentrate on an air based offensive. I mean, who did we think we were? Green Bay? It didn't work out - well, at all, it seems. Our loss, despite keeping the starters in, elevated the Green Bay team into the playoffs.

And, again, lucky break for me, another guy lost - which gave me and my team an automatic bye and the second seed in the playoffs. Surly, the Green Bay team had no chance to advance in the post-season fantasy league. Especially since that QB Rogers never got past one game.

Then the Saints lost. Then the Colts. The two defending champions. It was as if the current 'down with the incumbent' attitude in politics was wafting over to my fantasy league? Then, wouldn't you know it, the Packers beat the Atlanta Falcon team. What nonsense is this?

And if that weren't enough, the Jets beat the Patriots?! Wha???

Suddenly, it looked as if my goofy team of all Bears could really get back into the Big Game... and play the Jets? Not the Patriots -- which is what I feared, as the 30th anniversary of that game was coming up -- and it seemed as if NO ONE could have matched up against the Patriots. Especially not the Bears, who did, and got their cleats handed back to them. It was not a match up that I wanted to see. Again.

So this weekend, it's my all Bears fantasy team against the all Packers fantasy team. I figure, as long as the running game is established and not left on the bench, the guys have a chance at getting back into the Big One again. Sunday is coming. My mind and gut are focused on that event.

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