Jan 29, 2011

Good Advice

Irony is, it's a Pharaoh - but, good advice none-the-less.

A commenters on Al Jazeera made an observation: "Disabling the Internet in Egypt has backfired big time. Instead of sitting at home, on Facebook or Twitter, people are now out on the streets."

Please note, that what's going on in three (maybe four now) countries in the Middle East isn't about the Internet. It's about suppression of freedom and individual rights, to assemble and of expression. It's about a 'democracy' that has been a dictatorship since 1967. It's about zero opportunity for a large population of young people. It's a revolution about survival. Please don't think that the Egyptian government turned off the Internet and suddenly people started rioting in the streets - it was a reaction to people rioting in the streets...

The Internet is a part of that, but it is not the only part nor is it the most important part.

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