Dec 16, 2010

Virus Attack Sets Iran Back

The Stuxnet virus set back Iran’s nuclear program by 2 years

Here's a quick excerpt:
Top German computer consultant said that the virus was as effective as military strike, a huge success; expert speculates IDF creator of virus. The Stuxnet virus, which has attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities and which Israel is suspected of creating, has set back the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program by two years, a top German computer consultant who was one of the first experts to analyze the program’s code told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. “It will take two years for Iran to get back on track,” Langer said in a telephone interview from his office in Hamburg, Germany. “This was nearly as effective as a military strike, but even better since there are no fatalities and no full-blown war. From a military perspective, this was a huge success.”

I'm starting to think that 2010 should be the year of the hacker. Between this virus attacking Iran's Nuclear sites, China beating the living tar out of Google, the Gawker password hack, WikiLeaks, the DDoS attack on WikiLeaks, and the retaliatory attacks on companies that are no longer supporting WikiLeaks (Paypall, Mastercard, Visa) or who were once supporters - Amazon, et all - I'm leaning toward making The Hacker the Man of the Year.

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