Dec 19, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

We made it to the end of this week...
Here's where we cover somethings missed, or ignored and tell it with cartoons.
First off - It snowed in Europe. You'd think they'd never seen the stuff. But getting snow in Italy is kind of like getting snow in Florida. Planes, trains and autos across Euro-Land have been stuck in a snow drift.
Speaking of snow drifts - The Bears/Vikings game sure has been funny already. Bears are afraid of playing on a hockey rink - especially after last week. Vikings are afraid of showing up. Peterson and Favre are out or questionable - seems hardly fair. If I were a Viking's fan - I'd be super pissed because there will be no liquor allowed at the college venue.

What caused the Metro Dome to 'pop'?
And speaking of football...
And back to why Santa uses his antiquated sleigh -
And missed the part where he didn't want to deal with the TSA.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid had been holding on to a huge pile of crap that he didn't want to show off until after the election - and is trying to ram it down America's throat. The OmniBus (Pork II) didn't make it, and he had John Stewart make it look like the Republicans were the ones being dicks by not giving 9/11 First Responders their aid package. That's Harry Reid who put the legislation in the order to be voted upon. Pure Politics.
And as far as what the Congress - specifically Reid's Lame Duck Senate and Pelosi's Lame Duck House - WITH the dirty Republicans - are leaving coal in the kid's stockings. And that's only if we're lucky. It seems NO ONE is paying any attention to the European Union falling apart... which should be a stark warning of our own imminent collapse...
Which is setting up a very interesting year
Drink up, Happy.

Well, hope to see you next week. We're either ramping up for a really busy week - or total slack. See you 'round the 26th.

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