Dec 5, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

Finish line. End of a week. A busy week. A week where dirty laundry and cats were let out of bags. Heroes were branded traitors, blame was shifted, servers went down or gave in under pressure.

We'll start with Santa and what his WikiLeak's file said...

Questions remain unanswered, DDOS attacks and pressures on Amazon and PayPal to drop support of WikiLeaks - while the Pirate Bay steps up. They not only host the site, they're making available the "insurance" gig. No one knows what's on it... and it's super encrypted. But, won't it be funny if George Bush really IS a lizard man who's the head of the Freemason's and has a pet Loch Ness Monster in his pool in Crawford?

Maybe to get another perspective, you can read Daniel Ellsberg - the US Marine who leaked the top secret Pentagon Papers, letter to
On the bright side of all this, the world is finally united. Too bad it's against Julian Assanage.
Hillary has to clean it all up. Never mind that this came out of her office? Who knows. But don't expect to see a whole lot of apologies or firings over it.
Meantime - The White House has ordered that all Federal Workers should avoid reading or downloading the cables released by WikiLeaks... ah, what country do you think this is?
And half a world away, the Koreas are heating up. Mr. Obama got his trade deal with South Korea - just today - you know, since we're all such good friends. I guess squabbling over a couple bucks here and there doesn't make much sense when you've got the weight of the US Navy backing you up in a nuclear game of chicken?
And on the other side of the planet - Ireland broke down and admitted it was broke. No more soup while everyone else orders entrees.

So who's next?
And finally this week... some noteworthy passings....

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