Dec 17, 2010

President McCain Extends Bush Legacy for Third Term

[not-so-ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, WASHINGTON DC] President McCain has held his ground on everything that the previous office holder, George W. Bush, set the table with.

He's kept Guantanamo open.

Despite a nice parade, the US has committed to staying in Iraq.

He is expanding our mission in Afghanistan.

He, and the Fed gave unknown billions to their friends at the banks and also Wall Street, on top of what Mr. Bush handed out before Mr. McCain took the oath of office.

And after 'reaching across the isle' to work with a Democrat controlled Congress, he was able to have lopsided kickbacks for insurance companies and waivers for Unions. Reid and Pelosi passed the American Healthcare Compromise Act of 2009, or so called McCainCare - and then took a shellacking at the polls when the Democrat faithful lost faith in their party in November.

Now, just last night, Mr. McCain and Bush have another major win in their hat - they strong-armed the lame duck Democrat Congress to extend the "Bush tax cuts." Again, they can claim bi-partisanship to the voters by extending unemployment benefits as part of the 800 Billion dollar 'Stimulus' package.

Democrats are furious over the "Bush Third Term," and are still haven't gotten over the fact that their candidate Barack Obama had to bow out of the race at the last minute for not producing his original birth certificate instead of a blurry photocopy. But Democrats do capitulate that, "at least with Sarah Palin as the Ve-eP we haven't heard a peep out of her or her family since the inaugural ball."

Okay - joke's over. Guess what. Replace McCain with Obama - what'a got? Same. Exact. Story. There is only one party - the business party.

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