Dec 22, 2010

Oh Jesus!

Cincinnati Right to Life has posted five billboards showing an ultrasound image of a fetus representing Jesus with the slogan, "He Came As a Baby ... Christmas Starts with Christ."

The fetus in the billboard has a halo.

"This simple illustration emphasizes that Jesus Christ came to the world both human and divine, and in so doing, sanctified the birth process for every person.

Christmas is the message of Christ’s Love for all, no matter our age, race, ability, poverty or wealth, or place or residence," the group said in a news release.

The signs are produced by, a coalition of Christian churches, including Church of England, Baptist Union, United Reformed Church, Anglican and Methodist churches. The group and a private donor paid for the Cincinnati billboards.

So, question - who paid for the ultrasound? That's like 3K a pop and since the Carpenter Union hasn't approved the ObamaCare waivers - was it paid for by public money? Would that be a violation of Church and State?

I also didn't know that Roman HealthCare was that sophisticated.

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