Nov 21, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

We made it. Finish line. It wasn't easy... but here we are. Smoke break, if you can handle the graphic images on your cigarette pack.

Earlier in the week, 82 year old re-elected Harlem Representative Charlie Rangle angled that he was a patsy, an idiot, and not as corrupt as everybody knows he is.
Didn't work out. He was censured.
In other Democrat news, Mr. Obama went all over the world and got his ass handed to him by the G20, NATO, South Korea, and China. Oh, and North Korea now has a 'shockingly sophisticated' uranium enrichment facility.
The Ben Bernank is under fire, rightfully, for his shortsighted pissing match with China because of his QE2 policy.
Ah, government, is there anything you can't do? I particularly enjoy the following cartoon. It kind of sums it up... The USA Bi-Polar Disorder.
But before I go on and on about how the Founders would have wanted it... or imagined it, you really kind of have to get back into their kind of thinking.... which is a spider infested pot of yuck.Oh, and you fans of reality show television - World Championship GoldDigger Competition had it's Finale this week. Congratulations to the winner. She must be very happy!
Hope to see you next week!

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